The story so far

Well, I just picked up tabletop RPG games again and I thought bragging about my experience is a great idea. After my recent session where I played the role of the GM I was thinking, maybe there are other people out there too who somehow lost their connection and desire to play tabletop RPG games, or the whole playing together experience at some point in their lives. Maybe I just want to remind them that playing together and having fun together is a priceless experience.
I also want to share my journey as I am trying to become a better GM. Telling great stories and adventures is a hard task but watching other people enjoying it makes me want to do it better.

I hope I will be able to update this blog frequently with my thoughts and maybe…just maybe, my bragging about roleplaying is going to be interesting for others too.

Also please give a follow, like, thumbs up to pixelpooper who is a fantastic and talented pixel artist, I am using his excellent pixel art on my blog.

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