Let’s continue this, shall we?

Happy New Year everyone! After a couple of months of hiatus, I am trying to get my shit together and continue to share my thoughts with you. This blog is something that is always on my mind, but I just could not find the strength and time to write new posts. I am still aiming to create 1, 2 or maybe 3 articles a month. And the topic? Well, that remains as it is, TTRPG games and my reflection on it of course.

I have been playing D&D 5e in the recent months, but I also read fine rulebooks, settings and supplements during this time. So, there are a lot of topics to cover. I have GM plans for this year too. I would like to start a new adventure in the Eberron setting with an entirely new group of players. I am planning to share my top reads of 2018 that blew me away or just had some kind of impression on me. I also have a couple of Zweihänder sessions in mind. I think that ruleset is brilliant, and I am a big fan of dark and grim storytelling (still waiting to get my hands on those sweet, sweet print books).

And a final thought in the end. Starting this year, I will write my posts under my real name. I do not want to hide behind some kind of faceless internet nickname. So, hello everyone I am Attila, nice to meet you! Have a pleasant read on this blog.